Waaykaash Timber Ltd.

First Nations Owned and Operated
Sustainably Harvested Cedar on Nuchatlaht Unceded Territory

Company Description

Waaykaash Timber Ltd. is a 100% Indigenous-owned sustainable forestry company operating on Vancouver Island’s West Coast. The company was founded by father-and-son team Jordan and Erick Michael, members of the Nuchatlaht Tribe. Waaykaash specializes in salvage logging, harvesting wind-fallen old-growth western red cedar from forests in Nuchatlaht traditional territory.

The Michaels are proud to be leaders in the economic revitalization of their community, providing local employment while upholding the traditional Indigenous teaching of hishukish tsa’walk —the principal that everything is interconnected, which call on us to take only what we need.

Contact: 250-202-3252 | E-Mail Erick

About Us

Two questions are at the heart of Waaykaash Timber’s origin story: How to create a thriving forestry company that leaves the majestic coastal forest intact? And how to kick start economic revitalization for a small Indigenous community?


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Waaykaash provides old growth western red cedar logs, harvested sustainably from wind-fallen trees. They produce over 10,000 cubic metres of wood annually. Raw logs are marketed through a partnership with A&A Trading Ltd.


Contract Logging

Waaykaash also provides contract logging services to other forestry companies on Vancouver Island, supplying a fully-trained and equipped team with proven experience in British Columbia’s forests.

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Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar is valued by builders for its durability, dimensional stability, and natural resistance to decay and insect damage. It’s used for roof shingles, exterior siding, ship building, transmission poles, decking, outdoor furniture, playground equipment, and more.

Fallen Cedar

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